Buying Wall Art As A Gift

Buying Wall Art As A Gift 

When buying a present for someone, it can be hard to think of something different, a gift that someone will truly love. Of course, there are flowers, chocolates or a pair of socks, but if you’re looking for an unusual present for a friend or family member, why not consider an art print or poster? Prints and posters make for an unusual gift, whether it’s for your grandma or your girlfriend, they are personal and thoughtful and are often unexpected. No matter if you’re celebrating an anniversary, a birthday or a new job, a print is a good present for any occasion.

Choosing A Print As A Gift

When choosing an art print for someone else, first off, consider the style and colours in their home. If you’re buying a print for someone who has a bright, bold home then chances are they’ll like a bright, colourful print. If the person you’re buying for has a more neutral home, a black and white print is perfect as it goes with any kind of décor. If you’re unsure, opt for black and white to be on the safe side. It’s also worth thinking about the size of their home too, for example if you’re buying a gift for someone who lives in a shoebox apartment, an A4 print will be more practical whereas someone with a large, open space may prefer an A2 or A3 size print.

A Present For Any Occasion

Next up, think about what occasion you’re buying for. If you’re looking for something for a friend who just got a new job or has recently revamped their home office, consider something inspirational, a phrase or words of encouragement on a print that can be hung with pride in their home. If you’re buying a present for your girlfriend or boyfriend and you want them to know just how much you love them, choose a famous quote about love or a love-inspired print. This makes a great birthday present, or the perfect gift for a special anniversary. An ‘Always kiss me goodnight’ print will look good on any bedside table, or if you’re into bold displays of affection, tell the world about your love for one another with a large, bright love print in your lounge.

Travel-inspired Gifts

If you’re buying an art print as a gift and are still struggling for ideas, don’t forget to think about things like hobbies and holidays. For someone who loves car racing, then a motorsport print would be a cool gift and as for those who like holidays, choose a print inspired by their favourite destination or even a trip you took together.

Gifts For Music Lovers

For music lovers, a print with the lyrics of their favourite song, or a poster of their favourite artist makes for a unique and personal gift. From the Beach Boys to Bowie, there’s a music-inspired print to suit every taste. If your friend is more of a film-lover, choose a print inspired by their favourite film whether it’s a Gone with the Wind print or The Wizard of Oz print.  

When it comes to choosing a unique gift, wall prints are a creative and unusual present that will be treasured for a long time to come.

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