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Bringing your bathroom to life with the right décor may appear to be a challenge at first, but in reality, it's not all that difficult. Some basic ways you can spice up your bathroom space include flowers, candles, or even LED lights on the mirror, just to name a few. However, these methods aren’t all that eye-catching, so they can’t be fully appreciated. This is where bathroom wall art comes in.

Bathroom prints bring a more aesthetic feel to any bathroom and is a great way of capturing the attention of visitors. With such a variety of print themes available, it also means that you can personalise your bathroom in whatever way you like. Whether it’s a motivational quote or reminding you to flush, bathroom prints are a great way to add that bit more aesthetic.

Choosing the right bathroom print

Whilst bathroom prints can make things look more personal, that said, it’s important to choose the right one. Firstly, and most importantly, pick a theme which you think suits your bathroom the most and take into account which bathroom it’s for. This means if it's for your home, then it's about what’s personal to you, but if it’s for a business or establishment, it’s going to be a different theme.

When picking your bathroom wall art, it’s important to consider colours too. Black and white will play it safe, but if your bathroom already has some colour, then consider the same for the print. Just make sure that the colours match your chosen theme and show the right level of contrast to the rest of your bathroom.

Secondly, consider if you want it on the wall or not, as this makes more of a difference than you would think. Bathroom wall prints save space and fill the empty surface of a wall, but non-hanging prints mean you don’t have to worry about hanging or drilling. There are advantages to both, but it really depends on the space and surface you have available in your bathroom. As an alternative to hanging, you can also get small frame shelves to sit wall art on, which are a bit different and can look very nice.

Finally, consider the size of your bathroom prints. If they’re hanging prints, take some measurements prior to choosing and make sure what will fit on the wall space. For non-hanging prints, there’s less margin for error, but it would still be useful to check sizes either way. If you have a lot of open space in your bathroom then an A3 or A2 print may work best, but if you’re limited for space or want to keep it minimalistic, a standard A4 print will work just as well.

Best bathroom wall art for you

Although it’s important to choose the right theme for your bathroom wall art, this is sometimes easier said than done. It is a bathroom after all, so it might feel difficult to pick a theme that feels suitable. Despite this, there are still plenty of themes you can go for in the bathroom, and bathroom prints can really help you out.

If you don’t want anything too specific, then all you need to do is consider prints that would only work in the bathroom, in which the poster subject is bathroom-related. A “flush it print” would work perfectly right above the toilet at eye-level height, capturing the attention of visitors and giving them that gentle reminder to think twice before leaving. If you want something a little more specific, try some bathroom wall art that has a reference to something you know such as a film or book, perhaps something similar to a “toilet seat down print”. This keeps it specific to the bathroom but just adds a more personalized touch.

bathroom wall art

Your home, it’s up to you!

It is your home after all, so it really depends on what works for you. If you’re a comfortable household, then a “have a nice poo print” would be great to place opposite the toilet and could really go down great with kids. If you don’t have young children or you don’t mind the use of language, the “pissing everywhere isn’t very Chanel print” would be the perfect way to bring a mature but comedic feel to the bathroom.

Some other less specific prints that can work great too are nature photographs, such as an “ocean wave print”, “Highland cow print”, “cotton flower print” or “colourful flowers print”.

By picking the right bathroom wall art, you can simply give your bathroom that homely feel, to both visitors and family. If you would rather play it safe then keep it a bit more generic, but giving it that personal touch can really make a difference. Placing the prints above the toilet is recommended, but as said, some may work better opposite.

If you can put nails into your wall to hang the prints then this works fine, but sticky hooks work just as well and can be found at any hardware store. Finally, make sure your prints are straight and not angled (this would look lazy!).

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