Top Bedroom Wall Art Ideas To Create Your Dream Room



Of all the rooms in the house, your bedroom is the most personal. Even though it’s not the most popular room for visitors, you’ll be spending most of your time in it, so you’re going to want to decorate it. Whatever your taste, there are all sorts of ways to create your dream room, but sometimes all you need is something simple and effective.  

That’s why bedroom wall art is a great way of creating your dream room, as bedroom prints are effective, but also personal. By adding wall art to your bedroom, you have a simple way of tailoring your room to your interests or themes that suit you. Whether you choose large bedroom posters or smaller prints, there are many ways you can make your bedroom wall art look effective and eye-catching.

To help create your dream room with wall art, it's key that you pick what’s right for you. There are a few things you need to consider when doing this but don’t worry, everything you need to know is below.


bedroom wall art

How to choose your bedroom wall art

Firstly, take a look at the bedroom you want to put your prints in and make a note of the available wall space. If you have lots of wall space then you’ll benefit from large bedroom posters, but smaller rooms would benefit more from smaller bedroom prints instead. For rooms with less wall space, an A4 or even A3 print works well. Larger rooms benefit from A2 prints that take up space on the wall, but if you have enough space, an A1 print works well too. 

That said, smaller prints can look good in larger rooms, but not vice versa. If you are using A4 prints to occupy your available wall space, consider using more than one and placing them in a line, as this will draw more attention to them. A single A3 print can look effective on its own in a larger room, however, an A2 print is far more eye-catching.

After you’ve considered what size best suits your bedroom, next consider the colours. If you want to take a minimalist approach to your bedroom, black and white prints would work best. If it’s a child’s room, on the other hand, bright colours are what you’re after. For modern or contemporary rooms, the colour scheme needs to work with the rest of the room. Of course, this is down to personal taste, but just make sure the colour theme of your prints matches the theme of your bedroom.

Finally, the subject of your chosen print is just as important to your room. Black and white prints, perhaps with a race track map or an inspirational quote as their subject, work well in most rooms and are generally effective. However, they wouldn’t quite work in a child’s room. On the other hand, children’s prints such as the "cool giraffe poster" wouldn’t work too well in your minimalist themed room. Think about what style of bedroom you’re aiming for, and taking into account the colours and the size, pick a subject or theme that you think works best in your bedroom. 


bedroom wall art

Displaying your bedroom wall art

Depending on the size of your print, and how many you intend to use, it's key to put them at least halfway up the wall. If you have more than one small print (A4 or A3), spread them out equally instead of putting them close together, as this could look uneven. If you have A2 or A1 prints, then displaying more than one could make your walls look a bit too crowded. Consider one in the centre of the wall or above a piece of furniture (the bed itself is the safest option).

Next up, consider how you might hang the prints. If you’re using smaller prints, then a simple sticky hook or nail into the wall will work just fine. For larger prints, however, consider using multiple hooks/nails, perhaps 3 or 4 for maximum safety. This is especially important if you’re hanging prints above your bed, as a falling wall print would certainly ruin your night's sleep (to say the least). 


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Adults vs kids

Whether it’s for kids or adults, bedroom wall art is really about bringing the right feel to your bedroom and creating the atmosphere you want. Children’s bedroom prints may want a more silly or friendly atmosphere surrounding them, whereas adults may want a more mature feel to their bedroom instead. Whatever your tastes, there’s a print for you and your bedroom, but you just need to consider these aspects when picking the right bedroom wall art.

Whilst you might face some difficulty deciding on the theme for your bedroom wall art, let's face it, kids aren’t really as picky. Many parents would agree that eye-catching, colourful prints are the way forward for a child’s bedroom, so if you stick to this you can’t go wrong. Size once again depends on your available wall space, but larger prints might work better than smaller prints because they are more likely to capture the attention of your young ones.

Also, consider the theme. Children won't be very interested in inspirational prints or prints with words for that matter, so bedroom posters with little text would work best. That said, some simple yet friendly prints with text would work just as well. Consider a “PJs all day poster” or “don’t grow up poster” to make your prints that little bit more personal to your children.

For adults, personalisation is not as important as the style or theme you need your print to be to match the bedroom, but it’s still important. If you want to play it safe, consider sticking with a black and white print with some text, as these sort of prints look good in any room. A “good morning poster”or “good night poster” would be a perfect choice, as it's simple, black and white but is still effective enough to be placed in a bedroom of any theme.


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Prints suitable for the bedroom

To get you thinking about what bedroom wall art is best for your dream room, it's always a good idea to consider your hobbies or interests. For example, if you’re into beauty or fashion and want to express this with the right print, take a look at our “fashion and beauty posters” range. If you have hobbies that are a little more specific then consider prints that express your enthusiasm for the subject. For example, if you can appreciate cars, then the “motorsport posters” range is right for you. If you’re still stuck and need something a bit more generic, the “photographic posters” range will work perfectly.

You might not be that keen on a particular subject, however, so why not consider prints that are specific to the bedroom. If waking up early isn’t for you and you want people to know it, perhaps an “allergic to mornings poster” or “get out of bed poster” would suit your bedroom. Once they start school and get used to the early mornings, these would also work great in a child’s bedroom.

If you’re looking for something that little bit more inspirational, consider an “if you can dream it poster” to bring a positive feel to the room. If inspiration isn’t quite what you’re going for but you still want something meaningful, think about an “always kiss me goodnight poster”. This one brings a more personal feel to the room and is great for those you love.

If these are a bit more on the personal side for you, then don’t worry, you can just keep it simple! Consider choosing a “good morning poster” or “good night poster” to bring a tranquil feel to the room without being too complicated or thought-provoking. Whatever you decide to choose, bedroom prints are often most effective when placed opposite the bed itself. This is up to you of course, but since you won't be having as many visitors in your room as you would in the kitchen or bathroom, why not place them somewhere you can see them the most?

Tips and tricks for your bedroom prints

As with any print, make sure that you’ve adjusted them straight before leaving them. Some prints work on an angle, but in most cases look lazy if done incorrectly. Ensure prints are not slanted or uneven in any way, especially if you are displaying more than one.

If you have high furniture, such as a wardrobe or bookshelf, make sure that it doesn’t affect the way you display your print. Perhaps find the height difference in your high furniture to other low furniture and place the print in between, or line them up with each other if this suits you best.